Hey what's up!! I'm the chick with the camera and the skills. ;)

I'm known to be very impulsive, kinda clumsy, and a badass photographer for badass couples (oh, you didn't know?) I'm mom to three fur babies (two doggos, Bolt + Bowie, and a cat, Pepper Jane.) You'll probably find me under the covers binge watching Veronica Mars (I am secretly obsessed with Kristen Bell) or stuffing my face with tacos at my parent's restaurant (Taqueria El Bayo for those of you tacoholics like me!)

I fell in love with photography when I was young and always resorted back to it as my creative outlet. Growing up I always dreamt of having a career that would allow me to travel, be creative, and have an impact on someone. I'm so glad that this is where I ended up.

About My Work

I love weddings. Every single ceremony makes me feel excited, emotional, and completely honored to be the person that gets to capture it all for you. I am amazed every single time by the love and energy that resonates during a wedding day. Considering me as your wedding photographer would make me feel beyond blessed. There is nothing more valuable than memories worth to last a lifetime.

I am all for the non-traditional, break the "rules", capture the true emotion kind-of-photos. I document your day the way that it feels. If you're wedding is quiet and intimate or loud and filled with laughter, you'll feel exactly that through your photos. So, if you're into that, then we're probably perfect for each other! The services I offer goes beyond clicking a button. I want everyone to walk away from my camera feeling incredible. So, let's do this!