Hi, I'm Karla. I'm from Fort Worth, Texas. Dog mom to a silly White Shepherd mutt, Bolt, who doesn't realize how heavy he is when he lays on my lap. I love staying up late watching The Office with my boyfriend, Gil. I believe in moving with a purpose, so I'm always on the go. You'll more than likely find me working from a local coffee shop drinking an Iced Vanilla Latte (my fave), rollerblading down Trinity River Park, or eating tacos at my parent's taqueria (I'm THE taco-plug).

I believe everything is a matter of feelings -- Sitting inside listening to the rain with the coffee pot brewing a new batch. Going for a walk with Bolt the morning after a rainy night, Cooking soul food for my soulmate and enjoying every last bite with him. Spending nights with friends trying every beer in the bar. Capturing the moments in between moments. Rollerblading in the biggest and the smallest cities. Playing fetch with Bolt and always ending up dirty af. Watching the newest animated movies with my little sister. Campfires, long hikes, and falling asleep under the stars.

These are things that really matter to me. Stuff that make me feel alive. I want to know what matters to you, to feed all these senses into taking photos that look like you, represent you and feel alive like you. These are the details that turn a significant moment into a lifelong memory.