Why should you book?

Plain & simple. Because you freaking owe it to yourself. I mean, c’mon. Just think about it. When was the last time you got your makeup done, hair styled, and photo taken while sipping (or chugging – hey I don’t judge) mimosas??? More than likely, never. & if you had, trust me, it won’t be nothinnnnn like this. Okurrr. We all need to invest in ourselves every now and then. Use this event to get your nails done, get a couple of new outfits (yes I said a couple! What did you think? That I was just gonna let you stunt in one? Heck. No. Girl, you better slay) I want you to EMBRACE & FEEL COMFORTABLE in your own skin!!! I want you to CELEBRATE what yo’ momma gave you! 

What should I wear?

Anything. I seriously do not care! Put on a pair of sexy jammies from V-secret, that lingerie you’ve been dying to buy yourself, your favorite thrifted high waisted shorts that make you feel confident AF, sweats & a sports bra. Hell, DO YOU BOO. I’m not here to tell you how you should feel beautiful!! Wear whatever the hell you want. Have Victor do your makeup however the heck you want. Have JoJo give you some badass beach waves or just sleek that sh*t up. BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SLAYIN’ SELF.

Do I have to do a Boudoir session?

Absolutely not! If you do not want to shoot boudoir, we can do cute AF portraits. There’s cute backdrops I could use, just let me know ahead of time so I am able to prep for you!! 

Have more questions? Just holla at me & I will do what I can to answer everything for you!!

Galentine’s Day Minis

Feb 2nd, 9am-12pm, @ The Tx Studio in Dallas, TX

$250 (Early Birds $225 – SOLD OUT)

Makeup by @facexvctr

Hair styled by @ohhjojobabe

Bottomless Mimosas & a good time 😉

30 Minute Session

10-25 Final Images

Up to 2 Outfits

Only $45 (taken from your total) to book your time slot!
This package is valued at $400!! That’s almost HALF the price!!!


Ready to book? LET’S GO!!! Click the link below to check out what times are available & to pay your deposit 🙂