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How will I receive my files? Do I get a print release?

Your gallery is delivered into your email through a personalized online gallery. Your photos will be available for a year, but I encourage you to back these babies up sooner than later! & YES. I encourage you to print them!! Nothing is more satisfying than seeing yourself in print.


How long does it take to receive our images?

Wedding galleries can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on how busy the season is for me, & 4-6 weeks for engagement/portrait sessions! 🙂


Can I keep my photos private?

I love showcasing my work as an artist because it draws others into those moments and it pushes couples to reach out for more information. When I show off weddings/sessions I love, I get more inquires like it. That’s how I survive + keep my business running LOL. It’s the best way I can market myself and continue to grow my business. By not being able to show my work, I’m at a loss of revenue. Therefore, I charge a loss of revenue and exclusivity fee for couples who want to keep their photos private and offline to makeup for at least one potential wedding that I won’t be able to book because those images are now hidden. Thank you for understanding. 


Can I have the RAW files or unedited images?

Nope! Part of my art is being able to deliver photos I created. It’s more than just “taking a good photo”.


Why are wedding photography prices so high?

There’s so much done behind the scenes. It’s not just the number of hours I spend shooting your wedding. It’s the amount of time I spend emailing/talking/meeting with you, coordinating with your planner, & preparing for your wedding. Then, I drive to and from your wedding, work for 8+ hours, & over a period of DAYS I’m culling, editing, retouching, creating previews, & delivering a final gallery. So I end up spending 5x the amount of time before and after your wedding than the actual time I spend at your wedding! Not to mention, insurance, expensive gear, monthly software subscriptions, and feeding all my fur babes. We all want to make a living here.


How many images can I expect?

For non-weddings, 40-60 images is about average sometimes even a lot more. For weddings, I shoot roughly 50-100 images an hour.


How can I book?

By hitting ya girl up through my contact form here! After that, I’ll try to respond as soon as I can to talk some more about what you’re looking for 🙂

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