Pro Photo Tips to Rock Your Holiday Family Photos

September 22, 2020

Buckle up, I’ve got some pro tips for planning holiday family photos this year!

Planning to book a themed mini session this season but not sure where to begin? I know the idea of gathering up the whole gang, getting ready in coordinating outfits, and smiling pretty for a camera can seem daunting, but this experience doesn’t have to be stressful at ALL!

I am geared up and ready to give you all my best tips for planning a family photo session, because I want to help you enjoy and look forward to this experience! Family photos are a must-have that you will look back on and cherish for years to come.

Here are my pro tips on planning and how to prepare for holiday mini sessions!


Lots of photographers host themed mini sessions each season, and there are many to choose from. It’s important to find a photographer whose style of editing you like and whose personality you would enjoy working with.

The best way to pick a photographer is to take a look at their social media, read through the About Me page on their website, and reach out to them if you have any questions about their booking process! Every photographer is unique in their style, approach, and creative vision. Also, many photographers will choose a different set up for their mini sessions that coordinates with a specific theme (for example a pumpkin patch location for fall, or a Christmas tree set up during the holidays). Look at different set up options that each photographer is offering, and choose one that relates to you and your family!


Once you’ve chosen a photographer, ask them for advice when it comes to deciding on a color scheme for your family. Most of the time they will have an outfit inspiration guide to send your way, or a Pinterest board with tons of ideas! Personally, I always send out outfit and color scheme ideas based on the season and type of session being photographed.

My number one pro tip for planning outfits would be to dress in contrasting colors! For example, I would avoid dressing in all black or all white. The more you contrast with dark and light colors, the more flattering and diverse your family photos will be.


It’s common for kids to be a bit nervous or impatient when it comes to photoshoots. The best way to make the experience more enjoyable for them is to bring toys to keep them entertained during the shoot. I always provide snacks for my families to enjoy after their session and as a reward for the little ones if they stay still and happy for photos. Candid shots of them munching on their favorite snack can actually be an adorable photo opportunity!


Kids have a mind of their own and all they want to do is have fun, and this is exactly what I encourage my families to do! It’s important not to take the photo shoot too seriously. Don’t worry if your kids struggle with smiling at the camera, if they’re running around, or if they cry or get nervous. When you choose the right photographer, they will know how to work through it all! Whether it means having you tickle them, chase them, or swing them around to lift their spirits, a photographer’s job is to capture your family having a great time and enjoying the moment. These kind of candid shots will make great photos to hang in your home!

I hope these tips were helpful and made you feel more confident about scheduling a mini session for your family! I share more examples of my work on my Instagram linked here, and would love to answer any questions you may have about booking a photographer to capture photos of your sweet family.

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