I believe the best things in life happen unexpectedly. Some of our best adventures weren’t planned the way they turned out to be. That’s what I loved most about Shelby & Mytyl’s wedding. We live in Texas, so you’d think we’d be used to a sudden weather change, but Plan B quickly turned into Plan C when news of an unexpected “Tornado Watch” hit. But, of course, good ol’ Texas fooled us again. What I admired the most about these two is that they did not let anything ruin their day. They celebrated, they loved, they partied (HARD) & they laughed it off. I’ve only known them for a few months before their wedding. Shelby was steered my way thanks to a friend of ours and we quickly CLICKED. These two have been one of the most amazing, laid back, and coolest couple I’ve had the honor to work with. Extremely excited to keep up with them and watch them grow together.

Shelby & Mytyl,

Please stay rad and don’t stop being the amazing people you two are. You have so many family and friends that love you and I’m truly honored to have been there to capture all these beautiful memories for you.


Venue: Fort Worth Botanic Garden & The Petroleum Club

Hair: Dondrae Nelson

Make-up: The Bride herself (she talented AF)